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Poop Off Bird Poop Remover by Poop Off

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Poop Off Bird Poop Remover Description

Lifes Great Products Bird Poop-Off is a NON-TOXIC and biodegradable clean up solution for pet messes. Poop Off can be used when your birds are still inside their cages! Perfectly safe for humans! No gloves are required! Just spray on your birds mess, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it away! Clean perches in minutes with NO scraping! This product is a must-have for all bird owners. Poop-Off contains no solvents, no orange oil, and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

  • Clean perches in minutes with NO scraping
  • No gloves are required
  • Plastic attached brush has a control head breaks down bird droppings as it cleans

The special plastic brush on the brush-top bottle has a control head that limits the amount of liquid dispensed and breaks down bird droppings as it cleans. Poop-Off cleans with ease: bird cages, perches, walls, carpet, splattered food, regurgitated food, hand-feeding formula, bug residue, clothing, bird toys, nest boxes, bird feeders, blood, floors, pottery, monuments, upholstery, car seats, boat fabrics, and decking. Removes droppings from all kinds of avian diets, including seed, fruit, nuts, meat, vegetables, nectar, bugs, grains, formulated diet, and greens.

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Poop Off Bird Poop Remover Customer Reviews

Linda, Limestone TN on 2018/04/16
Get It Off with Poop Off!

We have two Amazon parrots and could not do without this product. It really takes a lot of scrubbing out of cleaning their poop off their perches, cage sides, grates and bottom trays. It is a standby and has been for over 25 years. If you have birds, even small ones, this is a necessary product for your cleaning supplies.

Chong, Carrollton TX on 2016/10/05
Great Price

I just wanted to say the product works great at half the cost when purchased at a competitor website website. Also, the delivery was prompt. I will be a regular customer from now on.

Linda, Oahu HI on 2014/10/21
Awesome cleaner!

Poop Off is the best non toxic bird cage/accessories cleaner out there. Works at killing ants too! Completely safe for birds. Nice light fragrance. Pet Mountain has best price and excellent shipping! Thank you Pet Mountain!

Therese, Schertz TX on 2014/10/15
Poop-off Bird Poop Remover by Poop Off

This product is truly the BEST poop remover I have ever come across! I have tried others, with heavy bristled brushes, to try and get bird poop off of my cage and even perches, still taking hours of work. I sprayed Poop-off on, let it sit a few minutes and was literally wiping it off with paper towels! Some of the heavier areas needed a small brush rubbed lightly over them, but the cage and perches looked brand new, and I was finished in less than an hour with the entire cage; a cage that is not a small cage either! I will never use anything else again! Poop Off, please, do NOT change your formula thinking you have to 'improve' it!

Valerie, Bellingham WA on 2014/06/12
Prompt delivery and we love it :)

We've used Poop-off for years now, and love how it works to clean up after our birds. Delivery was very prompt, too ~ thank you!

Linda, Mililani HI on 2014/06/03
Best cleaner!

I have been using PoopOff for years and it is the only cleaner I will use in my birdie's cage. Non-toxic and takes "yuckies" off so easily. Just spray on yuckies, let set for a few seconds and scrub with brush. I can immediately put her back in her cage too. This is also great as a non-toxic small bug killer (ants, gnats, small spiders etc). PetMountain has the BEST price and shipping cost for me here in Hawaii! Thank you PetMountain!

Jen, Bethlehem PA on 2014/05/27
Miracle spray

Best stain remover yet! Not only is it safe for birds, but it takes out any kind of stain imaginable. I use it on my carpet to remove yellow dog vomit which no other carpet cleaner can successfully do. And I have tried everything. I think it is a better stain remover than a poop remover, though. Vinegar still works the best to take bird poop off the bottom of the cage.

Juliana, Crest Hill IL on 2014/05/17
Must Buy

I have four cockatiels and use this product all of the time to clean up the cage, the floor and any place else they might have been. It cleans up dry poop as easy as spray and wipe up. If you have birds you MUST get "Poop Off"..You will be very happy with this product... Juliana

Vicki, Sioux Falls SD on 2014/03/01
We love it

It cleans stains off the carpet, clothes, furniture and even cleans walls and appliances. It even works for when our dogs have accidents in the house in the winter time in South Dakota. Poop off is the GREATEST stuff they make. It can be used for many different things.

Lisa, Cleveland OH on 2013/09/25
GREAT Company!

Th prices are spectacular as is the customer service. Will definitely be my source for pet needs. Thank you.

Ann, Maplewood MN on 2013/06/26
Great product! I love it!

Great product! I got the product in a timely fashion and had no problems tracking it. The tracking process was so easy! Thank you so much! I will be ordering from you in the future and would highly recommend you to anyone!

Joan, Jupiter FL on 2013/05/11
Excellent Product

I have been using this product for several years and love it. Poop-Off really facilitates cleaning the cage and leaves a very slight, but pleasant aroma.

Denise, Mullica Hill NJ on 2013/04/02
Works great!

This is the best product for dried bird droppings! I got a whole gallon at PM for less than a small bottle at our local pet shop.

Debbie, Van Meter LA on 2013/01/03
Poop Off

This was great! it removed the poop and other debris and it also smelled good.

Mary, Milwaukee WI on 2012/12/12
Poop-Off really works

If you have any type of bird, you must have Poop-Off. It cleans bird poop off of ANYTHING without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Can use it in and around the bird's cage, too. Love this stuff!

Claire, Austin TX on 2012/05/23
Huge Time Saver

I love that this product works so well. It probably cuts my clean up time in half. I wish I'd bought some years ago. I'm glad it's completely safe to use around the birds. I'd tried homemade vinegar cleaning solutions, but this is so much more effective even though it's more expensive. I have the brush bottle. I like that I can just twist off the brush for scrubbing as needed. I also love that I can buy a refill bottle. Everyone with birds should own this stuff!

Tammy, St Joseph MI on 2011/05/10
Wonderful Stuff!

It even cleans the poop you "missed" for a while....ewwwww. Anyway, its the only thing I'll use and as far as the brush goes, I just bought a empty spray bottle and used it as well as the brush bottle. Thanks for a great thing!

Deborah, Beaver Dam WI on 2011/03/15

It may not have a fancy name - but "Poop-Off" is the only cleaner I will use for our Amazon Parrots cage. It works!

Jan, Knoxville TN on 2011/03/01
Great Cleanser

The cleanser works really good on bird poop. It has a clean smell and works on cages, perches, and floors. The only suggestion I would have is to have a spray on the bottle and a brush. It is hard to control the amount of solution coming out of the bottle through the brush.

Mary, Brookings SD on 2010/11/18
Great Product

With 4 birds to clean up after, this is a great product for cleaning poo off of perches, the play gym and toys. Plus I love the fact it is safe to use around the birds. I have 2 cockatiels and 2 little green cheek conures.

Adi, Wilmington DE on 2010/11/13
Best product ever!

We have parrot-lets and feel completely confident in this pleasant smelling, highly effective and safe product, I won't use anything else!

Lu, Kalamazoo MI on 2010/10/23

The only product I have found to really work! First time shopping this site. Fair price, fair delivery charge. Item arrived quickly. Will use again and again.

Caryn, Missoula MT on 2010/10/05
Best product Ive ever used.

Been using this for years now. Cleans dried poop, fruit that has been flung onto the bars and dried, and the wallpaper behind the cage, without removing the wallpaper! Wouldn't use anything else, and it's non-toxic too. It doesn't get any better than that!

Michael, Atlantic City NJ on 2010/06/14
Poop Off Is The Best Product Ive Used

I have been using this product for about 10 years. It really makes daily cleaning of my African Grey's cage easy. I don't have to worry about it being harmful to his health and it is environmentally friendly.

Terrie, Martinsville IN on 2009/12/18
A real time saver!

This product is great. There isn't any really easy way to clean bird poop of the bars of a bird cage, but this makes the process a little easier for wintertime cage cleaning when it is too cold to hose it down outside! It also has a pleasant odor. Best of all, it cleans well without posing a hazard to my sweet feathered baby!

Tina, Lafayette LA on 2009/09/08
Great cleaning product

We have had exotic birds for over 9 years and the only product we have used is the Poop Off. It is so easy to use and quickly takes off the mess. It has a pleasing smell in the room once you are done.

Stacy, Torrance CA on 2009/01/09
Poop Off Clothes and Furniture Too

I've been using this product for quite awhile. I spray it on my clothes before they go into the washing machine, it takes the bird poop off my leather furniture and the carpets. I pay $16.99 at my local bird store, so this is a great price.

Steve , Bladenboro NC on 2007/11/08
Owner of a Pet Shop

Poop-Off is a money and time saving product. Saves lots of labor in a Pet Shop, and gives my employee's more time for other chores.

Beth, Ellsworth ME on 2007/05/20
Poop Off

This is a wonderful product. Easy to use, and not too messy