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Tetra Pond Koi Growth Koi Food by Tetra Pond

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Tetra Pond Koi Growth Koi Food Description

Tetra Koi Growth is a high protein food for rapid fish growth containing essential amino acids that help younger fish grow. High protein levels promote rapid growth and vitality and are ideal for late spring, early summer feeding.

  • Ideal for late spring and early summer when water temperatures are 50°F and above.
  • Easily digestible soft sticks create less waste and water pollution
  • For young Koi and Goldfish

Soft sticks are easy to eat and digest and keep your water clear. Tetra Koi Growth is a completely balanced diet that provides the extra protein and perfect blend of vitamins and minerals needed by young Koi to attain maximum size, health, coloration and disease resistance.

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Tetra Pond Koi Growth Koi Food Customer Reviews

Susan, Theresa WI on 2016/08/09
Healthy and happy fish

My fish are beautiful, healthy and happy and no longer so little.

Danny, Boston MA on 2014/09/19
Great food for the koi

I've been buying the Tetra Pond Koi Growth food for years. My koi seem to like it a lot. The price is relatively reasonable compared to many other brands. I highly recommend it.

Paul, Chino Hills CA on 2014/08/23
Easy and inexpensive

Pet Mountain saves me a lot of money on aquarium and pond supplies. It is easy, fast and cheap.

Danny, Boston MA on 2013/08/17
Reasonably priced koi food

I have been using the Tetra Pond Koi food for years. My koi love eating them and they have been happy and healthy.

Jeff, East Sparta OH on 2012/03/06
Good Product

Fish love it -- floats for a long time.

Bryan, Alhambra CA on 2010/10/23
Growth Food for Koi

I have bought 4.85lbs Koi Growth food. Our fish love it. My fish is too small for my huge pond. I need them to grow faster. I feed them 2x day. Excellent product.

Gale, Chesapeake VA on 2010/09/13

Great product. Our fish love it. Doesn't color/discolor the water so we love it too. Excellent source of high protein needed for growth.

Claudia , Covington WA on 2010/08/06
Great price value.

I have a large pond and many koi and goldfish to feed. Pet Mountain offers me quality food at a reasonable price. My fish are very well fed with a variety of food options. This is one of my favorites.

Freda, Lost Creek WV on 2007/10/10
This stuff is fantastic.

I put 2 inch long bass and catfish in my farm pond. I fed them Koi summer food and then the guick growth food in the fall. The next summer I was pulling bass and catfish out of my pond from 12 to 20 inches long. It is unbelievable how fast they grew.