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Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet by Tetra Pond

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Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet Description

Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet Wheatgerm Food Sticks provide a great food source for pond fish in colder temperatures. Highly digestible wheatgerm is critical in transitioning fish in and out of winter due to fishes' decreased metabolism in colder water.

  • Transitions fish in and out of winter
  • Highly digestible soft floating wheatgerm food sticks
  • Ideal for all sizes of koi and goldfish

In addition to reducing the stress levels of your fish and increasing their overall health, this vitamin-enriched floating fish food helps keep water clean and clear by maximizing digestion and minimizing waste produced. Resealable packaging keeps food fresh and safe from pests.

Feeding Guide: Feed in spring and fall, when water temperatures are above 39°F and below 50°F.

Ingredients: Wheat Germ Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Feeding oat Meal, De-Hulled Soybean Meal, Dried Yeast, Wheat Gluten, Potato Protein, Algae Meal, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Monocalcium Phosphate, Soybean Oil, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate, Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C), Folic Acid, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite, Artificial Colors, Ethoxyquin, Citric Acid.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 32.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 6.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 2.0%
Moisture (max) - 6.0%

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Tetra Pond Spring and Fall Diet Customer Reviews

Thomas, Herndon VA on 2015/10/28
As advertised

Product was as described, arrived when promised and cost significantly less than what I've been paying at local pet stores.

Gary, Atlanta GA on 2015/09/02
Quick delivery - convenient size packages

I received the koi food sooner than I had expected with the free shipping. Also, getting 18 pounds of koi food in 6 sealed bags will keep the food fresher and be very convenient to use.

Dennis, Staten Island NY on 2013/11/08

I recently bought the spring/fall food in bulk, it is much cheaper that way, it came packaged very well, I wasn't surprised because before that I purchased stress coat plus in gallon form that was a surprise the way it was packed no damage or dents no leakage I was very impressed. I also bought pond salt in bulk and was equally satisfied with the way pet mountain takes the time to package their merchandise that I bought and take it from me I've bought things from other vendors that didn't do as well. Right now I'm putting a list of other stuff I'll need for a 3,000 gallon pond I've been designing in my head for my backyard. I built a 960 gallon pond for the front of my house it looks fantastic. Everyone comes to see it. Looking forward to doing more shopping with pet mountain, the people on the phone are so pleasant to talk to, very informative on their products they sell, and you're not put on hold to find out from someone else about what you want. Questions are answered right then and there by the person that answers the phone. For now I give pet mountain 5 stars in price, packaging and customer service!

Ed, San Antonio TX on 2013/10/01
Koi food

My Koi and Gold Fish love this Fall/Spring Diet Wheatgerm Food Sticks. Super product at a reasonable price.

Ed, San Antonio TX on 2013/10/01
Koi food

My Koi and Gold Fish love this Fall/Spring Diet Wheatgerm Food Sticks. Super product at a reasonable price.

Ed, San Antonio TX on 2013/09/26
My koi love this food

My koi love this food. The quality and quantity is outstanding. The price is reasonable and service is outstanding.

Janice, Arlington WA on 2011/12/15
Gold fish love it!

Each Spring when the water temp gets to 55 degrees in my pond I start feeding my goldfish this food. I then stop feeding in the Fall when temps go down to 50 degrees. Fish love it and doing fine.

Betty Murphy, Axton VA on 2011/12/14
tetra spring and fall food

This is the only food my koi like and the price here is always cheaper than any other sight .great job pet mountain

Nancy , Exeter RI on 2011/11/16
Excellent Service

Shipped quickly, arrived on time and was exactly what we needed!

Ashok, Princeton Junction NJ on 2010/10/24
The Fish Love it

Tetra Pond Food Floats and the Fish Love it. I am a beginner, my fish are thriving.

Ed, Southampton NJ on 2010/10/09
FIsh love it

I have over 20 Koi and Comet fish and they all love the Spring and Fall food . Food floats on top and easy for the fish to eat and digest .

Polly, Louisville KY on 2010/09/24
The Koi Love It!

This Koi food is great for the spring and fall feeding of any size pond fish. The fish love it - digests easily and there is no left over food clogging up the pump. The package always arrives in good shape and the prices are the best on the internet. My koi just swim in tight circles waiting for the food each day and take no time in chasing down every morsel. I will never buy a different spring/fall food and love the ease in purchasing and shipping!

Celia, Munson OH on 2010/08/15
My Koi fish love your tetra spring/fall food,

My Koi (9)large ones,really loved the Koi Vibrance food for summer too.WE went through a huge bag,hopefully it lasts till we start to feed the fall one.The food stays afloat,so its all eaten,and our pump,and skimmer stay a lot cleaner with it.Its the only ones I buy,and your price is very good..Thanks, Petmountain.

Tuan, Oakland CA on 2009/12/15
Koi loves it

Very good services and very good price, I buy everything here.

Jane, Liberty MO on 2007/07/07
TetraPond fish food sticks

The fish love the easily eaten sticks and stay very healthy year round. This product also lasts a long time as there is no wasted food that we notice and the filters stay clean longer.

Sherrie, Victor NY on 2007/06/17
Fish are happy to see me!

We have an outdoor pond in upstate NY and we have a significant amount of time when the water temperature is between 39-50 F (that is the water temperature that this food is recommended for). Last summer we had been feeding TetraPond Multi-Mix Gold, the fish were not too interested when I transitioned them to Spring and Fall diet. This spring has been an entirely different story -- the fish are excited when I come to the pond with the Spring and Fall food.