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Tetra Pond Telescoping Pond Net by Tetra Pond

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Tetra Pond Telescoping Pond Net Description

Tetra Pond Telescoping Pond Net is an all purpose pond net. Use to retrieve fish or remove leaves and debris. Net is 14" diameter x 16" deep; telescoping handle extends from 4' to 6'4". Hexagonal construction makes shaft very sturdy even at full extension.

  • For cleaning debris and sludge from pond
  • For safe retrieval of pond fish
  • Net edges protected from abrasion

Net: 14" Diameter x 16" Deep
Handle: 4'-6'4" Long

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Tetra Pond Telescoping Pond Net Customer Reviews

Sharon, Oakland Township MI on 2014/06/04
Great net

This is by far the best net I have purchased to date. The telescoping handle is long, and very sturdy. The net is the perfect size for scooping out leaves and debris from the pond.

Ken, Seaford DE on 2013/11/30
So Much More!

Just what I wanted to keep the sludge out; very well built aluminum frame and extension pole. Great product and I am so glad to have discovered this website!

Allen, Tucson AZ on 2012/03/21
Good enough

Nice piece of equipment, my only quibble is that the description says that the net edges are protected from abrasion and that is only half true. While the net itself is not wrapped around the rim, the nylon line used to tie it on is wrapped and will abrade. The good news is that your net will not get ripped, the bad news is the line can be cut and the net will fall from the rim. I'd like to see a rubber or plastic bumper on the rim, my pond has very abrasive sides. Aside from that this is a very good product.