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Van Ness Cat Litter Pan by Van Ness

  • $11.99
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SKU: VN00400
UPC: 079441004007
  • $108.99
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SKU: VN00400M
UPC: 688713103883
MPN: 00400M
  • $13.99
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SKU: VN00401
UPC: 079441004014
  • $140.99
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SKU: VN00401M
UPC: 688713103890
MPN: 00401M
  • $18.99
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SKU: VN00402
UPC: 079441004021
  • $164.99
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SKU: VN00402M
UPC: 688713103906
MPN: 00402M
  • $30.99
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SKU: VN00403
UPC: 079441004038
  • $284.99
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SKU: VN00403M
UPC: 688713103913
MPN: 00403M

Van Ness Cat Litter Pan Description

Van Ness Cat Pan is an unbreakable cat litter pan that is stain resistant and easy to clean. Use it with any disposable plastic liners. Add on that it is easy to clean and made of high impact plastic - and you've got a product that just can't be beat.

  • Unbreakable, high impact plastic cat litter pan
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean

Made in the USA. Ships in assorted colors - let us choose a color for you!

NOTE: The manufacturer has recently upgraded the design of the cat pan to a more ergonomic shape. It now features a dip in the front of the cat pan so your cat can access the pan more easily, and a higher flare in the back of the pan to better prevent spills.

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Van Ness Cat Litter Pan Customer Reviews

Veronica, Fitchburg MA on 2016/04/09
Litter Pans

These are very nice litter pans, they are the perfect size. They are sturdy and come in nice colors. The material they are made of make them easy to scoop. Price on a dozen is the best around.

Bill, Maryville TN on 2015/05/21
Good pricing and service

Top seller, I will be purchasing from this seller again.

Mary , Westlake OH on 2015/02/03
Van Ness Litter Pan

Good quality. Only wish I could have chosen the color. Hot pink is not my cat's favorite color.

Pat, Houston TX on 2014/01/07

These litterboxes are well worth the money. They stand up to wear and I love them.

Squirrel, Silver Spring MD on 2013/08/21
My search is over!

We bought several of these pans for our rescue several years ago and although they are well made they do need to be replaced every so often. When we went to Target and Walmart we found they no longer carried these so we searched the net and found several sources that would let them go at $9-$15 per pan. Hey, they're plastic not gold or silver. We finally found the name on one of our pans and searched on it and came to our friends at Pet Mountain. They had the best price by far and they had a great selection of sizes. We needed the small size to fit in the cages we use for kittens. It is the perfect size for kittens to get in and out. We also got some larger sizes for adult kitties as the little pans are just too small for an adult cat. They try to make do but often their butts hang over the edge and ....! (We keep all new animals isolated for 10 days upon arrival before entering the general population) The bigger pans are great for the adult cats and their higher sides keep butt overhand to a minimum plus the adults have no problem getting in and out of the bigger pan. These are a great deal!

Sharon, Rancho Cordova CA on 2013/06/13

These little litter pans are perfect for kittens. The dip on the front end of the box was quickly discovered as an easy point of entry and exit for them.

Carolyn, Buhl ID on 2011/07/28
Ive been searching for these!

I have not been able to find these small size litter pans for at least a year. I volunteer for a cat/kitten rescue group and I foster a lot of kittens so I really need these small, simple pans. The product was perfect and the price was great!

Jess, White Lake MI on 2011/06/15
Hard to Find the Small Size

The smallest size is becoming somewhat hard to find lately, but I can always count on Pet Mountain to have what the pet stores decide to stop carrying! These small pans are very versatile - I flip them over, cut doorways out, and use them as hides for some of my larger snakes. I also like to keep a few on hand for when I have litters of rescue kittens.

Holly, Ferrum VA on 2011/03/20
Fabulous Litter Pan

We raise Highland Lynx cats and they are a large breed. We always have litter splashed out everywhere. These extra large pans are reasonably priced and they have helped tremendously with the mess. Plus the cats like them better when they can walk around without stepping in their 'business'.

Jodie, Silverthorne CO on 2010/04/23
Excellent service

I requested two litter boxes the same color and you were kind enough to do that for me and you even gave me the color I wanted the most. I will definitely order again from you. Thank you again. Jodie

David, Vergennes VT on 2010/03/03
my cat loves it tyvm.

the cat pan i ordered was the greatest ladybug the cat says many thanks.

Bytor, Rivendell MA on 2009/09/26
Nice price..

Need the large capacity for big cats.. department stores don't want to take up shelf space Scoopin' for a livin'

Missi, Woonsocket RI on 2009/09/01
Perfect for my bunnies!

I ordered this and a few larger pans and they are perfect for my pet bunnies.

Sue, Pueblo CO on 2007/12/27
These work most of the time.

Van Ness tubs are great for what I do. The plastic is a little thin around the rim, and breaks easy around the rim.

Arthur, Fairfield CT on 2007/09/06
Too Shallow

Before discovering clumping litter, we had been using a Rubbermaid storage tub of the same length and width dimensions but 8-1/2" high (whereas this pan is only 6-1/2" high). Cleaning up the Rubbermaid one was impeded because of the pronounced ribbing in the sides and bottom (for rigidity purposes). We switched to this pan and it is perfect for cleaning up and weekly hosing down, and it keeps its new-looking appearance.However, our 17+ year old female cat doesn't always bend her legs enough when urinating, thereby sending a significant portion over the rim. Since mopping up the floor is more trouble than given by the Rubbermaid ribbing, we're switching back to it to see whether it works OK with clumping litter.This pan would be perfect with 10" high or more sides.